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Experience the Benefits of Acupuncture

The acupuncturists at PURE LIFE CLINIC offer a comprehensive collection of therapies that have proven useful in managing pain while also treating many disorders.

It might surprise you to learn the range of conditions for which acupuncture provides an effective, drug-free solution that promotes good health on a deeper, longer-lasting level.

See for yourself how this ancient Chinese craft promotes self-healing and integrates into an in-depth approach to managing and alleviating chronic pain caused by arthritis, auto injuries, migraines and other conditions.

What are some traditional medical techniques practiced at PURE LIFE CLINIC?

We honor and preserve the philosophy of traditional medicine in our approach, which is always guided by science and evidence. We offer the following treatments:


Used for millennia, acupuncture is the practice of gently inserting hair-like needles into the superficial skin, subcutaneous tissue, and muscles at one of the human body’s hundreds of acupuncture points. It is primarily used to relieve acute and chronic pain, but it can also address depression, anxiety, fatigue, digestive issues, fertility issues, insomnia, and more.


The acupuncturist places a plastic or warmed glass cup on the body, forming a vacuum that creates internal space between the skin and the muscle, thereby allowing stagnant blood and lymph to be released, and new, healing blood to circulate. Cupping promotes relaxation and encourages healing.

Herbal remedies

Many herbs, made of the leaves, roots, stems, flowers, and seeds of plants such as cinnamon, ginger, magnolia, licorice, peony, turmeric, and hundreds of others have been used to treat a variety of ailments over the centuries. These natural therapies may be decocted into a strong tea or delivered in powder or pill form.


A therapy that involves burning moxa (aka mugwort) to facilitate healing by warming and invigorating the blood. Moxa is warm and soothing—a gentle way to treat digestive issues, low back pain, menstrual pain, arthritis, diarrhea, and more.

I’ve been coming to Pure Life Clinic for several months and find that everyone is friendly, helpful, respectful, skilled, and caring. It’s a great place for so many types of care.

- Margaret G

The benefits of acupuncture

  • Relieves pain from auto accidents and sports injuries
  • Alleviates chronic or acute muscular and joint pain
  • Releases pressure that causes neck and back pain, as well as migraines
  • Treats digestive issues and menstrual pain
  • Addresses depression, stress, anxiety, and insomnia
  • Regulates, unblocks, and redirects energy flows to promote healing
  • Improves circulatory system functions by increasing blood flow

Schedule an appointment with PURE LIFE CLINIC and discover how our acupuncture doctors can help you achieve total health and wellness.