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Sports Medicine

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PURE LIFE Sports Medicine Doctors Keep You in the Game

The sports medicine practitioners at PURE LIFE CLINIC recognize that athletes require a range of services in order to achieve peak performance and optimal recovery times. Many of our practitioners competed at a high level and understand what an athlete needs in a therapeutic plan.

Our sports medicine doctors have studied movement analysis, manual therapies and the latest rehabilitation techniques to offer athletes of all ages and skill levels the best treatment possible. We’ll not only work to manage the aches and pains of competition and help with injury recovery, but we’ll also teach you the exercises and stretching regimens to strengthen and correct the imbalances in your body.

PURE LIFE CLINIC provides the following sports medicine services

Pre-Participation Physicals

Many school districts require student-athletes to complete a physical prior to participating in a sport.

Injury Recovery and Prevention

Our sports doctors offer in-depth approaches to diagnosing and rehabilitating injuries, as well as provide methods to prevent them from occurring.

Concussion Management

Our well-trained doctors identify concussions and provide comprehensive recovery strategies.

Orthopedic Care

Our staff offers chiropractic, massage and acupuncture therapies to conditions affecting the bones, joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments

Strength Training Rehabilitation

Exercise Therapy

After a thorough evaluation, our staff determines which areas of your body need stretching and strengthening, then provides you with an individual exercise plan that can be performed with minimal or no equipment.

Nutritional Assistance

No single diet works for everyone. We take an extensive look at your current lifestyle, assess your organ and system function, then formulate a comprehensive plan for you to achieve optimal nutritional health.

Schedule an appointment with PURE LIFE CLINIC and discover how our sports injury practitioners can assist you to achieve optimal athletic performance and recovery.

How PURE LIFE CLINIC sports medicine doctors work together

Sports Chiropractors

We treat a range of sports-related conditions using spinal manipulation and other techniques, including myofascial release, exercise therapy, and ultrasound and frequency specific microcurrent. Learn More


We offer a relaxing and effective treatment that stimulates the body’s own healing mechanisms to calm the stress response and relieve pain. Learn More

Massage Therapy

Our licensed therapists use the therapeutic power of massage to address acute or chronic pain caused by athletic competition and training. Learn More

Top-notch facility. They look at the whole body and understand how to bridge holistic & modern health. Can’t speak highly enough about the team there. It’s a must. You will know with your first visit.

- Jim S

Pure Life LISTENS to your needs, wants, questions, and concerns. They create an environment that is inviting, peaceful, and comfortable. They look at the whole physical body and your social/emotional being connected. I leave every time feeling more in tune with my body and its needs, with realistic advice that I can apply to my everyday busy life.

- Katie B